Chester Inc. IT urges awareness during Cybersecurity Month

Today’s modern workplace has long-since evolved from the old traditions of clocking in at nine and leaving at five, with all of your IT data either locked up in a file cabinet or secure on your office PC. Now, home and office blend together – some employees work entirely remotely, with everyone moving data between their phones, laptops, PCs, the cloud, or countless other devices.

This means a lot of things, like happier and more productive employees – but it also introduces new risks. COVID-19 helped speed up the transition to hybrid workplaces becoming commonplace, but according to Valparaiso’s Chester Inc. Information Technologies, it also led to what statistics show is a 600% increase in ransomware attacks via malicious emails, with one in five businesses set to suffer some kind of cyber security breach this year.

These kinds of cyber security attacks block access to your critical, and oftentimes confidential, data and threaten to release it to the public or lock it away forever if a ransom is not paid. Small and medium sized businesses are particularly vulnerable, making up 81% off all breaches. As of 2020, the average ransom fee demanded by attackers in exchange for the return of data is over $200,000 – one insurance company even paid a ransom for $40 million.

Chester, Inc. Information Technologies, Northwest Indiana’s premier IT consulting firm, is an expert at preventing these kinds of attacks from ever happening. The 15 different methods to secure your business and provide the tools, training, and management needed to make the most of them. This allows for 97% of all breaches to be prevented with today’s technology. Here are just some of those methods:

Dark web research

Bad actors frequently post passwords and other stolen credentials for sale on the dark web, which can leave your business vulnerable to an attack. Chester, Inc. information Technologies scans the dark web, learning in real time what information has been posted and taking immediate action to protect your business.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication tools require users to verify their identity in multiple ways before granting access to accounts and data. This means that even if your password is stolen, your account remains secure.

Web gateway security

Cloud-based security tools stay constantly updated on the latest threats and scams that emerge, blocking them from ever reaching your inbox.

SIEM / log management

With the aid of big data engines, Chester Inc. Information Technologies, reviews all the event and security logs from your business-associated devices, constantly observing for abnormalities indicating a threat and ensuring all security standards and best practices are complied with.

To properly protect your business, contact Chester Inc. Information Technologies and conduct a risk-free security assessment to keep your data safe and secure. Visit to learn more.

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