Securing your Microsoft 365 applications

Let’s Get Real.

The 5 Reasons You Need to Back Up Microsoft 365

Like millions of businesses all over the globe, you’ve moved to Microsoft 365, and its GREAT!

  • You’ve increased productivity and reduced costs
  • Your teams have access to data wherever they’re working
  • Greater flexibility has made your employees more engaged and motivated

So its all good! …Or is it?

Wait, what about protecting all of that critical business data? It’s in the cloud so it must be backed up, right?Not exactly. Microsoft will guarantee just 90% of your data, and for just 30 days. We don’t think that’s enough.

At Chester Information Technologies, we will securely back-up all you Microsoft 365 Applications 24/7/365.Contact us today and make it, “All Good!” 219.464.9999

The Human Factor

We all do it – with one accidental key stroke, we’ve over written or deleted an important company document with hours, or even days of work associated. WHAT DO YOU DO – CALL MICROSOFT?

Nope, they’ll just tell you they can’t go back in time and restore a previous version.

A dedicated cloud backup solution guarantees recovery of the original file in minutes.

The Hackers

Ransomware is at all time high – particularly within the new world of a distributed workforce. Its not if, its when. What happens when a team member opens an email, clicks a link, and activates a data disrupting virus encrypting all kinds of important files? WHAT DO YOU DO – CALL MICROSOFT?

They’ll tell you there’s no guarantee to recovery, and if they’re able to, it will take hours, days or even weeks.

A dedicated cloud backup solution ensures recovery of any and all the encrypted files as it/they were before the virus hit in minutes.

That employee that leaves

An employee leaves the organization and the team deactivates their Microsoft 365 account. A month goes by, and someone needs an important email with a game-changing proposal attached for a key customer. WHAT DO YOU DO – CALL MICROSOFT?

They’ll tell you that you that the files were held for just 30 days after the account was deactivated.

A dedicated cloud backup solution allows you to recover all the files (including emails) in a matter of minutes – even at a granular level.

That employee gone ROGUE

You trust team members with data, and most of the time, that trust is well placed. Sometimes though, an employee decides to do some harm. They leave the organization, someone is responsible for filling their shoes, and you realize, the disgruntled employee purposefully deleted a whole lot of data. WHAT DO YOU DO – CALL MICROSOFT?

More of the same answers unfortunately – no guarantee, and it will take more time than you’re able to wait.

A dedicated cloud backup brings assurance that any data maliciously deleted can be recovered easily.

Mishap with an APP

Apps are great, we love them, they make work life so much easier. Sometimes they misbehave, and act unpredictably. Did you know the fifth highest cause of data loss in the cloud is data being overwritten by third party software? WHAT DO YOU DO – CALL MICROSOFT?

Once again, no guarantee they can recovery any of the files, and be prepared to wait.

A dedicated cloud backup solution promises recovery of any overwritten data, even calendars.

If you or employees never make a mistake, if your security is 100%, if your team members never leave, if you’ve never had, and never will have a disgruntled employee or apps never do anything they’re not supposed to do, then your critical business data in the cloud will be just fine. But just in case, let’s back up your Microsoft 365 data stat.

Our Microsoft 365 backup solution ensures granular protection and file/folder recoverability for:


Email activities and Exchange data (mail, contacts, and calendar) with unlimited retention

OneDrive for Business

Data saved for multiple revisions, edits and versions


Protection of SharePoint document libraries

Public shared folders

Availability of data that is in use in public shared folders across user defined time periods

Teams information

Protection of Teams chats, conversations, and documents shared through Microsoft Teams