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managed it services

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Managed IT services for business growth and protection have become an integral part of today’s information technology services. For successful business growth and consistent user experience, IT-managed services play a vital role.

Businesses these days must be vigilant for unforeseen circumstances and being proactive with the latest protection is the best strategy out there for any business size.

We know it’s critical to have a disaster recovery solution in place that is tested and proven but do most people have it? Probably not.

A good IT service provider should provide 99.98% uptime or better since productivity grinds to a halt when workers can’t access their business applications. Choose an IT security offering that will keep all your data and all your users secure. These IT services will boost your productivity and will continue to provide a high return on your investment.

Different types of Managed Services

  • Managed IT Services:

Managed Services is a monthly service that handles some or all your IT needs. Example: Backups are necessary to every business; however, there is complexity in implementing and managing a backup and recovery solution. The size and speed of time to normalcy will dictate the price due to the type and size of storage needed.

  • Network and infrastructure

Network infrastructure has become a significant component for many businesses. It is the backbone to run any company successfully. IT services implements and virtually maintains your infrastructure. An IT-managed company provides a worry-free experience for all your networking needs.

  • Backup as a Service:

Whether it is a fire, flood, tornado, or Covid-19, working from home has exploded.  Backup as a service plays a crucial role in keeping the business up and running all the time, wherever they are.

A backup recovery should be designed to recover and resume production even after a disaster, quickly. The disaster recovery plan should revolve around recovery time objections and recovery point objections. Once defined, you can predict how early your system would be up and running in the face of any calamity.

  • Hybrid Cloud Computing

A hybrid cloud takes into consideration your peak compute, development, and storage demands. Some applications make more sense in a cloud environment like AWS, Azure, Google, etc… While other applications must be on-site or in the cloud to be optimized.  A hybrid cloud solution is what most companies are doing today since it is flexible and less expensive.  There’s complexity around choosing the most efficient way to design your hybrid cloud so that it is fast, safe, and reliable.

  • Software as a Service

SaaS is very popular think Salesforce and Microsoft 365. With the advent of cloud computing, SaaS has gained popularity where managed service providers deliver software applications via the

cloud. With SaaS, there are more stable releases and updated software. These are more tailored services according to the user experience

  • Desktop as a Service: (DaaS):

All companies are moving towards a more digital environment with improved infrastructures. A desktop as a service provides all the infrastructure needed for a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service. DaaS is also a managed IT service as well. A top-notch desktop as a service is a solution for companies where sensitive data is a priority. DaaS adds another level of security needed for healthcare, government, and financial industries. Managed IT service providers that offer DaaS take care of the data security with seamless delivery.  If a business laptop goes missing, all the information is located at a data center.  No sensitive data or any data is displayed on the computer, just a secure sign-in screen.

That’s where we come in Chester Inc. Information Technologies servicing Northwest, Northern Indiana, and Southeast Chicago.

 How can Chester, Inc. Information Technologies help grow your business?

Chester, Inc. Information Technologies provides hassle-free services, you can focus more on the services your companies are offering.  MSPs such as Chester, Inc. Information Technologies can also accommodate the infrastructure requirements for new employees and staff. Whether it is protecting business-critical data or virtual network management, Chester, Inc. managed IT services has you covered.