Why Microsoft 365 and TEAMS Phones Makes BEST Business Sense

Easy to implement.

Even easier to scale.

The Microsoft Opportunity

Organizations invested in any number of enterprise Microsoft subscriptions have access to various ‘flavors’ of Microsoft Teams. To help increase productivity, we can offer guidance in how to harness the full value and utility of Microsoft Teams.

Many businesses attribute their ability to keep functioning over the past year to Microsoft Teams. The platform’s popularity is undisputed. When empowered with native calling capabilities, Microsoft Teams becomes a single hub for accessing productivity, communications, and collaboration business applications.

Microsoft Teams has come a long way in the viability as an enterprise-grade PBX. If Microsoft 365 is working well for you, in order to gain additional ROI, you should explore adding voice calling. Benefits associated with using Microsoft Teams as a sole communications and collaboration platform are many:

  • A single interface and repository for all collaboration needs
  • Cloud based and agile innovation adds new features on a consistent, monthly basis
  • Leveraging a single network infrastructure reduces costs and complexity
  • Highly secure, redundant, global footprint facilitates an enterprise expansion, divestiture and change

Utilizing all the features versus some of what Teams has to offer promotes employee productivity, flexibility to work from anywhere and lessens the upkeep of multiple toolsets.

It really is that easy.

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